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Booking  is Essential 


Pregnancy is an incredible, unique and personal time for a woman.  It is also a time filled with both physical and mental changes.  Practicing yoga throughout your pregnancy can be a great tool to help adapt and embrace these changes in a positive and relaxed way. Classes are ideal for all levels – from those new to yoga as well as those with more experience. 

Pregnancy Yoga classes are designed to help you feel your best and aim to:

Promote strength and flexibility
Increase energy
Improve circulation 
Reduce fatigue, stress and tension
Help to  prepare your body for birth
Offer time for you to connect with your baby


Pregnancy classes are a gentle yet dynamic form of yoga that promote vitality during pregnancy and build stamina and strength for labour.  


Postures are designed to help ease common ailments such as back pain, odema, sciatica, heartburn and Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).  Poses help guide your baby into the optimal position for delivery and with practice your body will feel comfortable in these positions, which many women find to be very useful during labou​r.  


Breathing techniques used in class help to quiet busy minds and are especially beneficial during labour to help remain calm and at ease.  Breath awareness is a vital tool to stay focused, relaxed and remain in control of your thoughts and body. 


Group sizes are small to ensure each student receives personal attention and a safe practice adapted to your body and needs. 


Pregnancy classes are also a wonderful way to connect with other local mums-to-be for support and friendship during your pregnancy onwards. 




When can I start pregnancy yoga? 
You can begin anytime after 13 weeks and can continue practice until your baby arrives. 
What do I need to bring? 
All mats and props are provided so all you need to do is turn up in comfortable clothes that allow you free range of movement.  It’s a good idea to bring a warm layer of clothing so you can stay warm during relaxation. 
Do I need to book? 
Class sizes are small so booking is essential.  You can book by email or phone on 07956833496. 
How much do classes cost? 
The cost for a 6 a class pass is £60.  You can use​ your pass over an 8 week period. However, if you wish to try a class before committing to a pass you are welcome to come along and try your first class for £12.    
If you have any other questions or​ would like to book then ​just get in touch.