Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Maidenhead

Nelumbo Yoga


“I just wanted to send you a thank you note. I’ve been trying a few different yoga classes lately (mainly because I can’t make your other times) and it just really made me realise how stand-out your teaching is.

I’ve realised I never liked yoga because I have been previously taught it in a way that wasn’t right for me – lots of really unscientific talk imagining butterflies and halos, but very little work on understanding the movement of actual body – and going to your classes has really made me understand the practise better and made my body feel much more connected to my mind. I realised this week that had I not found your class first, I probably would have dumped yoga again and not found this new enjoyment of it. It’s so useful for my work which is quite intellectual and not very physical – I have noticed my productivity and quality of work really improving lately.

Kate – Maidenhead


“Joelle your yoga class on Monday night is my favourite hour of the week! You encompass everything wonderful that yoga represents. So thank you for making us feel so grateful and zenned out every week.

Daniella and I say that we would like to take you with us everywhere to have a little burst of relaxation everyday!”

Helen – Marlow

“Joelle, your yoga classes are absolutely great! You know how to describe postures to make it easily understandable and you calm down and relax every cell in the body. Thanks :-)”

Ulrike – London

“Joelle’s classes are fun and challenging. All standards are catered for and she is very patient with those of us who are not quite as supple as we used to be! :-)”

Nick – Maidenhead

“Joelle is a likeable, engaging and energizing young instructor. I would recommend anyone to try one of her classes. I’m pretty certain one class should be enough to get you hooked.”

James – London

“My yoga journey started 5 years ago when I found myself entering my 30’s with some time and an emotional wobble on my hands. For me, yoga is a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual journey and has involved meeting many like minded people. One of these was Joelle, a fellow yogi-mate for a couple of years. Joelle’s yoga journey has led her down the teaching route, and on a personal level I am very grateful to have been part of her journey.

I attend her Monday night classes, and on many occasions I have been rescued from emotional and physical exhaustion by her very balanced and meditative classes. I would describe Joelle’s classes as of benefit to most levels of students – she caters well for complete beginners, but her classes flow and move enough to keep someone more experienced challenged. Joelle mixes a physical and spiritual take on yoga into something that I find very relaxing and re-energising. I’m very grateful to have found Joelle’s class, and to be able to call her a friend.”

James – Marlow

I’ve been doing private yoga lessons for about a year. Joelle makes every yoga practice different, interesting and helps me push my self to do poses that I would have never imagined myself doing before!  I would recommend Joelle to anyone and everyone i know.

Daisy – Windsor